Selected Press and Online Publications

Behold! These are the world's most famous artworks - but good luck recognizing any of them
Leah Collins, article, CBC arts, 2018.

in plain sight: Adrienne Crossman
No More Potlucks issue 49: code, 2018.

Precariat Content 07: Adrienne
Ben McCarthy, audio interview, Precariat Content podcast, 2017.

Not Mine Alone, Nor Mine to Own: Some Reflections on the Young Girl
Jacqueline Mabey, The Journal of Feminist Scholarship, 2017.  

coming home* to queerness 
Philippe Pamela Dungao, exhibition review, Peripheral Review, 2017. 

This Art Works! Disrupting heteronormative spaces and messing with street signs
CBC Arts, Article, 2017.

Expo Chromatic: Celebrating the Montreal Contemporary Art Scene
Stephanie Gagné, Montreal Rampage, Article, 2017.

This free exhibition of mind bending art is taking over a Montreal warehouse all week
Leah Collins, CBC Arts, Article, 2017.

Adrienne Crossman – Akimbo Hit List
Adrienne Crossman, Akimbo, Article, 2017.

Urban Artists & Navigating 'The New York of Canada'
Alex Raponi, The Art Historian, Article, 2016.

A Conversation with Adrienne
Luther Konadu, Public Parking, Interview, 2016

100% Real + the Internet
Terrence Dick, Akimbo TV, Review, 2016.

The Wrong: Even Digital Art Doesn't Last Forever
Jill Blackmore Evans, Studio Beat, Article, 2015. 

The Wrong Biennial: Digital Art Gets Real
Benjamin Hunter, Canadian Art, Article, 2015.

À voir: The Wrong (again). New Digital Art Biennale
Lisa Tronca, les Délinéaires du Laboratoire NT2, Review, 2015.

An art fair where the physical plane meets the new, digital flesh
Leah Collins, CBC Arts, Article, 2015. 

Abstract Ecologies – A Conversation with Amber Christensen
Greg J. Smith, Creative Applications Network, Interview, 2015.   

Premiere: Pale Eyes fights gender normativity with houseplants in 'Britl Binary'
Richard Trapunski, Chart Attack, Article, 2015. 

GIF of the Day: Adrienne Crossman's Girl-Power Mandala
Rea McNamara, Art F City, Article, 2015. 

Studio Visit: Adrienne Crossman
Jessica Bloom, Studio Beat, Interview, 2015.

Deconstructing Nostalgia
Tom Beedham, Long Winter Newspaper, Interview, 2015. 

Innerspace: Homer's Odyssey: A Simpsons Art Show
Amy Pagnotta, The Space Network, Television Interview, 2014.

Talks and Video Segments

Exhibitionists, S3 Ep 13: Identity
CBC Television, 2018.

This Art Works! S1 Ep 8: How-To Make Your Message Felt and Fake Street Signs
CBC Televison, 2017.

Art Intersections Meetup: Adrienne Crossman
Gamma Space, Toronto, ON. Organized by Akimbo, OCAD U and Charles Street Video, 2017.

'Glitch Art' Talk
Interaccess Mecha Kucha at the Drake Hotel, 2014. 

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