Wednesday, August 13, 2014

heartbreak showing as part of Eastern Edge's Wade In video series in St John's

heartbreak to screen as part of Carnival Video Night at Eastern Edge Gallery
Wednesday, August 13, 2014    9-11pm

Surface Tension is the first in Eastern Edge’s Wade In video series. Wave after wave the ocean reveals itself through both flow and time. Describing video we often turn to terms which reflect the forms and motions that occur within water; depth, purity, distortion, modulation, tearing, streaming, and snow. In this series 6 curators in 5 different locations select from a shared artist pool bridging physical geographies with the flow of the digital image.

<3 <br> (heartbreak) has been curated by Zach Pearl to participate in the first of several international screenings as part of the Wade In video series.

Surface Tension Line Up
PETER WILKINS Clarkes Beach, KRISTEN THORNHILL Glitch, GRAHAM KENNEDY On Examining Overlapping Truths 1920, BENJY KEAN Orbits 1 Through 4, JOSH STUDHAM Wrecking Miley and ADRIENNE CROSSMAN Heartbreak

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Error Message - Moscow Biennale for Young Art

Series #1 was exhibited as part of Error Message, part of the Moscow Biennale for Young Art, this summer

Error Message*
Organizers: National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) 
Co-organizer: Tsvetnoy Central Market
Venue: Tsvetnoy Central Market. 15, Tsvetnoy Bulvar.
Dates: June 25 – August 6, 2014

Анна Титовец. Food crash - Intektra Ti


Curators: Dasha Birukova, Elvira Zhagun (Russia)
Artists: Adrienne Crossman (Canada), Rosa Menkman (Netherlands), Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov (Russia), Elena Romenkova (Russia), Katherine Sultan Erminy (Venezuela), Protey Temen (Russia), Anna Titovets (Russia), Daniel Voicu (Romania), Elvira Zhagun (Russia)

Error Message project presents a new direction in contemporary art that still hasn’t received much critique in the studies of old and new media. Glitch art is a new occurrence that reflects the authentic beauty of digital and analogue machines.

Errors, bugs, system malfunctions are the ghosts that are so hard to explain or analyze and so often spoken of by Isaac Asimov. Artists working with software, simple or high-end analogue and digital technologies see great potential in glitches.

That potential is not for art only, but a means of criticism of society with its constant strive to improvement of technology, as well as criticism of the power-wielding business machines that create new and, at times, mutually exclusive applications and harshly limit the usage of various programs and devices. By bringing aesthetics into errors, the artists prove that machines are able to express themselves, and resist the imposed strict limitations, algorithms and programs. The artists criticize the pressurized systems in technology and in society.

The project was supported by Tsvetnoy Central Market.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Roundtable Residency 2014

This summer I've been working as a curator/facilitator for the Roundtable Residency at the Dragon Academy. The residency is nearing its end and I would love if you could join us for our Opening and Closing Receptions.

ROUNDTABLE is a 5 week long summer residency program hosted by the Dragon Academy, an alternative school in the downtown core. The program hosts several artists, pairing them with emerging curators in order to provide space in which to work on distinct projects and foster creativity through mentoring and collaboration within a greater peer-based community.

The duration of the residency: July 14th – August 11th, 2014

Location: The Dragon Academy, 35 Prince Arthur Avenue, Toronto, M5R 1B2

The Academy will be open to the public August 11th-17th from 1-8pm, providing the public with a week long opportunity to see the many works.

Opening Reception: Friday, August 15th, 2014 at 7pm – 1am
Featuring: Art, Performances and Drinks
Performances to take place from 6pm-1am

Closing Reception: Saturday, August 16th 7pm- 1am
Featuring: Art, Live Bands, Drinks
PWYC Donations welcome

Morris Fox, Brandon A. Dalmer, Adrienne Crossman, Julia Dickens, Mohammad Rezaei, Laurie Macinroy, Brian Schirk

Neil LaPierre, Humboldt Magnussen, Ash Moniz, Brandon A. Dalmer, Erin Rei,Jesi the Elder,
Abbe Findley, Mohammad Rezaei, Julia Kansas, Lisa Folkerson,Lauren Pelc-McArthur, Natalie Logan,
Anni Spadafora, Morris Fox, Laura Hudspith,Tyler Vipond, Tobias Williams, Brianna Lowe, Iris Fraser,
Anna May Henry, Rebecca Noone,Zoe Alexis-Abrams, Bridget Moser, Andrew Zukerman, Sara Maston, Gabriel Parniak,Nick Silvani, Nicholas Zirk, Zeesy Powers, Randy Gagne, Dana Buzzee,Alvin Luong,
Ivana Dizdar, Jack Bride, Holly Timpener, Andi Clifford, Sebastian Koever, Melina Sevilla, Sam Abel,
Ursula Handleigh, Lukus Toane, Heather Weston, Juliane Foronda, Shannon Garden-Smith, Shannon Linde, Emily Smit-Dicks, Jennifer Laiwint, Heather Rappard

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

1997 - Byron Chan

Earlier this summer I wrote an exhibition essay (that can be found here) for Byron Chan's video piece 1997

The video is up from July 9- August 15 at Xpace's External Space in the Learning Zone on the OCAD U campus and hosted online at

1997 is a single channel looped video that raises questions about ongoing political issues in Hong Kong. After the first Opium War ended in 1842, the British Empire claimed Hong Kong. China eventually resumed control of the land in the year 1997. Most citizens believed that if China resumed control of their land, media and government operations would begin to lose transparency. 1997 depicts the multi-cultural erasure experienced by the people throughout that time period. As the years go by, and as China continues to govern the region, the cultural diversity that has come to exemplify Hong Kong has been slowly degrading.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

#queerdeathdrive at AGO First Thursday - July 2014

July 3rd, 2014 at the AGO - Fan the Flames: Queers on Fire

<3 <br> featured in #queerdeathdrive

Videofag, the performance and media art storefront gallery in Kensington Market, presents #queerdeathdrive, “a video-based revelling in the liminal, fucked up, failing, glitching and degenerate,” featuring the work of Jennifer Chan, Chris Crocker, Adrienne Crossman, Sarah D'Angelo, Funky DinevaLorna Mills, Coral Short, Liz Rosenfeld, the Social Abjects Unite Facebook group and Cale Weir.

Take away publication with fold out poster designed by Eric Kostiuk Williams

<3 <br> stills

Thursday, June 26, 2014

TONIGHT Chart Attack & Dead Beat Productions Presents: UNTOLD NOISE @ Cinecycle

3 Music Documentary Shorts
8:30PM // Thursday June 26 // Cinecycle (down the alley)



Untold Noise explores Toronto’s noise punk community and the city’s place within the music industry as an emerging mecca of creativity and art. The film captures the shape and driving force of the community, while exploring the overall shift in the industry towards an independent attitude.

This 12-minute doc on Sackville, NB and its yearly Stereophonic Festival is a feel-good blast of East Coast inspiration. Set against a lulling dronescape from Mike Smith, the narration is provided by prime movers from the Killer Haze crew, Julie Doiron and other recognizable Maritime musical faces. Colin Medley shines a light on the town’s current hotspots with the same subtle yet striking composition of his photographs and previous films. Everybody knows this is now here.

We’re the Heart of This Town is a documentary about Boro Fondo; a DIY music and bicycle festival in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Join hundreds of bicyclists as they bike from house show to house show across the southern town. The film looks at the town’s house concert scene, the festival’s illegal origins and the youth’s journey towards being accepted in the broader community.

Co-Presented by
Chart Attack

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LIBERATION and PERSPIRATION June 28th at The Henhouse - Pride Edition

SWEAT and salvation....


(Hazel Meyer, Logan MacDonald and Mary Tremonte!)
with Workout video remixes by


Poster by Hazel Meyer

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