Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Attila Richard Lukacs in Hollywood

This Spring I was involved in a collaborative performance piece titled Attila Richard Lukacs in Hollywood. The performance took place at LUFF and was directed and organized by playwright and artist Jordan Tannahill (who was just nominated for a Governor General's Literary Award).

Participating in this performance and working with such a great group of creative individuals was an extremely inspiring and rewarding experience and I feel honoured to have been a part of such a great experience. 

You can watch it in it's entirety here:

Attila Richard Lukacs in Hollywood from luff art + dialogue on Vimeo.

'Attila Richard Lukacs in Hollywood' imagines a scenario where Paramount Studios hires iconoclastic Canadian painter Attila Richard Lukacs to direct it’s backlog of unproduced screenplays. Drawing on the actual 2013 Hollywood Black List - an annual list compiled by film executives of Hollywood’s ‘best’ unproduced screenplays - the performance reimagines the generic cinematic narratives through the lenses of Lukacs’ disquieting vision of the queer death drive.
Part one of 'Mortal World', a performance triptych by artist Jordan Tannahill, 'Attila Richard Lukacs in Hollywood' explores abstract and abject desires, images, and bodies that run counter to the prescribed narratives of the status quo. It is a work that suggests, as theorist Lee Edelman posits in 'No Future', that the efficacy of queerness lies in its very willingness to embrace a pleasure that refuses the social and political order.

A performance by Jordan Tannahill, featuring Adrienne Crossman, Felix Kalmenson, Cameron Lee, Judy Virago, Igby Lizzard, William Christopher Ellis, Tawiah M’Carthy, Kelly Clipperton, and Casey Mecija.

Video and editing by Yuula Benivolski
Additional camera Natalie Logan

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Homer's Odyssey on the Space network

I was part of a Simpson's Art themed exhibition titled Homer's Odyssey, curated by Lindsay Cahill that ran from September 4th - 7th at Videofag.

The Space Network did a feature on the show and interviewed Lindsay and myself and artists Joren Cull, and Kate Ritchie. They also featured the My Main Moleman installation as I talk about it.

Check it out:

Introduction to Video Glitch Processes Workshop at InterAccess

Tonight I will be teaching a workshop at InterAccess all about how to glitch video (the way I know how).

Workshop take place from 7-10 pm, Interaccess is located at 9 Ossington Ave.

Glitch art is the aestheticization/celebration of errors in digital or analogue technology, produced either by corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices.

Datamoshing, also know as Compression Artifacting, is a video editing technique that falls under the category of Glitch Art. The process involves the creation of intentional glitches that blur the borders between video frames, causing images to bleed into each other rather than having one cut cleanly to another.

Specifically, in this workshop we'll hear:

- a brief artist talk about glitch and glitch art techniques
- an overview and exploration of the software necessary to glitch video
- tips on where to source video material and what kinds of material are best to work with
- an introduction to various experimental techniques
  methods of outputting the files

By the end of the workshop you'll have experimented with a number of visual glitching techniques. You'll produce a number of glitched images and video clips and be ready to glitch on your own and experiment further.

Register through:

More info at

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Homer's Odyssey - a Simpsons Art Show

Next week I will be unveiling a brand new video piece in Homer's Odyssey: a Simpsons art show. The show is curated by Lindsay Cahill, and will take place at Videofag from September 4th - 7th.

Opening reception Thursday, September 4th at 7pm.

HOMER’S ODYSSEY: a Simpsons art show

twenty-three artists explore Matt Groening’s animated phenomenon The Simpsons through video, sound, sculpture, poetry and more from September 4th to the 7th at Videofag art gallery in Kensington Market.

come help us create an epic homage – or Homerage – to Matt Groening’s edgy, witty, and ground-breaking series!

OPENING RECEPTION – Thursday, September 4th at 7pm.



the show will also be hosting a closing Simpsons-remix poetry reading on Saturday, September 6th at 7pm!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Glitch Art Talk at InterAccess Mecha Kucha - The Drake Hotel, January 2014

This past January I was invited by InterAccess on behalf of Videofag to give a 3 minute talk on Glitch Art for their Mecha Kucha event in celebration of their 30th anniversary.

"On Thursday, January 16, 2014, a culmination of concepts, tools and devices, and other terms of reference that have shaped and transformed new media art practices over the last three decades, will be manifested in a jam packed evening of 3-minute talks by 30 practitioners.

Mutating the popular Pecha Kucha presentation format somewhat, InterAccess's MECHA KUCHA aims to mix things up by intermingling decades, media, forms, disciplines, pasts and futures. We invite 30 practitioners from diverse areas to present and perform their terms of choice."

You can watch my talk in the video below. If you follow the link to Youtube, you can also find video documentation of the other 29 speakers from that evening.

The aim of the event is to performatively construct a common toolbox for insight into the specific practices constituted through new media art practice locally and beyond over the years. By taking a non-linear, non-chronological approach, the MECHA KUCHA hopes to enliven and enrich new media modalities and energies generated by the community to take into the future.

Austra - Doepfer Video

This summer I made a music video for Austra's track Doepfer off of their Habitat EP. This project was a bit of a milestone for me as Austra is one of my favourite bands and it is the first music video I have shot and edited all on my own, and co-directed with Maya Postepski. The video premiered on Thump and you can watch it below.

Made up of footage taken in Toronto and Berlin, the video for Austra’s Doepfer acts as a disruptive visual meditation on the third released track from their Habitat EP. Accompanying the percussive-heavy dark synth soundtrack, the visual landscape of the video is made up of eerie footage of dark hallways, a dead mouse, silhouetted figures and mysterious textured surfaces, including a pixelated close up of billowing tin foil. As the music intensifies so do the visuals, with an increased frequency of anamorphic glitched disruption. Shot, edited and co-directed (with drummer Maya Postepski) by Adrienne Crossman, the video for Doepfer is a glance into the distorted intricacies of the band’s increasingly experimental musical nature.

The video has been featured on Stereogum, Exclaim, Domino,  Indie 88, Silent Shout