Nuit Chromatic at Usine C

I’ll be showing some of my plexi works at Nuit Chromatic on Saturday, November 3rd at Usine C in Montréal. 

@ Usine C

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
9:30pm - 3am

Elise Lafontaine (painting)

Nora Rosenthal et Brian D Sokolowski (photo)

Sabrina Ratté (video)

Mel Arsenault (volume)

Adriana Smith (video game)

Adrienne Crossman (installation)

DJ’s - softcoresoft b2b anabasine / DJ Frog / Marone
VJs - 99ftt / Lilith

Ideas Digital Forum at the RMG

I’m in Oshawa this weekend attending the Ideas Digital Forum at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. I’m there on behalf of Kapsula as a writer live tweeting over the two day conference. I will also be writing a critical response that will be published later this fall on Kapsula’s blog, which will be followed by a PDF publication including other material from the forum to be published in the winter.  

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