Adrienne Crossman
b. St. Catharines, ON - 1988

2018                  MFA Candidate in Visual Arts, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
2012                  BFA Integrated Media, Minor Digital and Media Studies, OCAD University, Toronto, ON 

Solo Exhibitions
2016                                  Fear of a Queer Planet - The White House Studio Project                   Toronto, ON                               

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017                                  Bad Geometry - Project Gallery Studios                                              Toronto, ON
                                          Summer Arts Fest - Artcite                                                                   Windsor, ON
                                          SHOW.17 - Idea Exchange                                                               Cambridge, ON
                                          recurrence - Xpace Cultural Centre                                                      Toronto, ON
                                          Curated by Maandeeq Mohamed 
                                          Chromatic Festival - Studio LÉloi                                                       Montréal, QC
                                          Curated by Hugo Dufour  
                                          I'd rather by a cyborg than a god/dess -
                                          Curated by Denise Chan, Asta McCann and Lauren Kozicki
                                          ReWired: Art x Bissell - iSchool, University of Toronto                     Toronto, ON  
                                          Glitch - The Pharmacy                                                                           Carlisle, UK
                                          Curated by Jamie F Simpson
                                          Toronto is for Everyone - Honest Ed's                                                 Toronto,ON 
                                           Curated by Carolyn Tripp 
2016                                  Asphalt Puffin - Artspeak Gallery                                                        Windsor, ON
                                          Utopia is No Place, Utopia is a Process - Usdan Gallery    Bennington, Vermont
                                          Curated by Jacqueline Mabey
2015                                  Carnival of Sorts - G Gallery                                                                Toronto, ON
                                          With Jennifer Chan and Lorna Mills, Curated by Jacqueline Mabey
                                          There Should Be Gardens - InterAccess                                            Toronto, ON
                                          Curated by Amber Christensen
                                          Pale Blue - Milk Glass                                                                          Toronto, ON
                                          Curated by Lindsay Cahill
                                          Are We There Yet? - Propeller Gallery                                                Toronto, ON
                                          Curated by Nathan Heuvingh
                                          sidewalkscreening.gif - Whippersnapper Gallery                             Toronto, ON
                                          Curated by Mohammad Razaei
2014                                   A Secret Garden - OCAD U Student Gallery                                      Toronto, ON
                                          Curated by Lido Pimienta
                                          Homer's Odyssey: A Simpson's Art Show - Videofag                      Toronto, ON                        
                                          Curated by Lindsay Cahill
                                           #queerdeathdrive - AGO First Thursday                                            Toronto, ON
                                          Curated by Jordan Tannahil and William Ellis of Videofag
                                          Error Message - Tsvetnoy Central Market                                   Moscow, Russia
                                          Moscow Biennale for Young Art, curated by Elvira Zhagun and Dasha Birukova
                                          SYS.TE/M FAIL.U+RE - 2186 Dundas Gallery                                    Toronto, ON
                                          Curated by Shauna Jean Doherty
2013                                  The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale                                         Sao Paolo, Brazil
                                          exotic forbidden torrents pavilion -, curated by Peter Rahul
                                           In The Image Of - CLGA Archives                                                      Toronto, ON
                                          Curated by William Craddock
2012                                  Neither Here Nor There - Xpace Cultural Centre                               Toronto, ON

                                          There's Something in the Woodwork - SPARK                               Syracuse, NY                                        

Selected Screenings
2017                                   Images Festival Spotlight Screening - Innis Town Hall                   Toronto, ON 
                                           Commissioned by the Images Festival to create new video work  
                                           in response to Deirdre Logue 
2016                                   Drake TV Programme: Spring 2016 - The Drake Hotel                    Toronto, ON 
                                           Curated by Vanessa B. Rieger and Peter Rahul                         
2015                                   APN - Hyperlink 2.0 - 2.33 Spadina                                                    Toronto, ON                            
                                           <3 <br> ft. on Analog Preservation Network VHS compilation and screening
                                           Wait (part of WADE IN) -  Mjóddin                                            Reykjavík, Iceland                                  
                                           Curated by Eva Isleifsdottir
2014                                   That Teenage Feeling (part of WADE IN) -  Videofag                        Toronto, ON                            
                                           Curated by Zach Pearl
                                            Afterhours: DTV GIF Art Takeover - The Drake Hotel                      Toronto, ON
                                           Curated by Rea McNamara
                                           WADE IN screening - Eastern Edge Gallery                                   St. Johns, NL
                                           Curated by Zach Pearl
2012                                   The Wandering Mercuries Film Festival - Badlands                    Rochester, NY
2011                                   Dead (g)end(er) Launch - Niagara Artists Centre                  St. Catharines, ON
2010                                   IMAGE + NATION Film Festival                                                        Montreal, QC
                                           Inside Out Film Festival, Hogtown Homos Series                           Toronto, ON
                                           Ladyfest - Feminist Film and Video Festival - Harthouse               Toronto, ON

Live Projections
2017                                   Long Winter Year 5 Vol. 2 - Gladstone Hotel                                    Toronto, ON
2016                                   SMASH: Instant Classic - Gardiner Museum                                   Toronto, ON
                                           Curated by Justin Broadbent 
                                           Maker Shaker - Craft Ontario                                                             Toronto, ON
                                           OKAY Collective: Dispatch 01 Release - Electric Perfume             Toronto, ON
                                           GAL Crush: Fundraiser for Girl's Art League - The Garrison         Toronto, ON
2015                                   Alvvays European Tour  
                                           Original Video Projections created for an hour-long musical set
                                           Milan, Italy / Stockholm, Sweden / Amsterdam, Netherlands / London, UK                                            
                                           Long Winter Year 3 Vol. 3                                                                   Toronto, ON
2014                                   Alvvays Live at the Opera House                                                      Toronto, ON
                                           Original Video Projections created for an hour-long musical set
                                           LIDO PIMIENTA for X AVANT IX - The Music Gallery                       Toronto, ON 

                                           Original Projections in collaboration with Peter Rahul
                                           Liberation and Perspiration - The Henhouse                                   Toronto, ON
                                           Ft. DJs Hazel Meyer, Logan MacDonald and Mary Tremonte                 
                                           BYOB - Power Ball, The Power Plant                                                Toronto, ON
                                           Curated by Aamna Muzaffar

                                           Feast in the East 39, 3 year Anniversary - Jam Factory                  Toronto, ON
                                           Collaboration with Brianna Lowe and Lauren Pelc-McArthur
                                           Long Winter Year 2 Vol. 5                                                                   Toronto, ON
2013                                   Feast In The East 22 - Plolyhaus                                                       Toronto, ON

Music Videos

2015                                   Pale Eyes - Britl Binary                                                                      Toronto, ON 
2015                                   The Folk - Fire in the Backroom                                                        Toronto, ON 
2014                                   Austra - Doepfer                                                                                 Toronto, ON 
2013                                   Omhouse - Gutterbird                                                                        Toronto, ON   

Curatorial Projects 
2017                              Home* - R \ F Gallery                                                                               Toronto, ON
2015                              100percentreal - Xpace Cultural Centre,                       Toronto, ON
                                       part of the Wrong New Digital Art Biennale
                                       supported by the Toronto Arts Council and the City of Toronto 
                                       External Space Video Series - Xpace Cultural Centre                        Toronto, ON 
2014                               Synthetic Landscapes for DTV - The Drake Hotel                               Toronto, ON 
                                       Transcending Binaries – Xpace Cultural Centre                                 Toronto, ON
                                       in partnership with the IMAGES Festival

2013                               The Aesthetics of Failure - Videofag                                                    Toronto, ON 

Professional Experience   

2017                              University of Windsor - Research Assistant                                             Windsor, ON
                                      11th Annual TAIS Animation Showcase - Juror                                       Toronto, ON
                                      Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at Hackforge - Facilitator           Windsor, ON 
2016 - 2017                   School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor - Graduate Assistant    Windsor, ON  
2013 - 2016                   Xpace Cultural Centre – Programming Coordinator                               Toronto, ON 
2016                              Wendy's Revenge by Walter Scott - Artscape Gibraltar Point                Toronto, ON
                                      Co-performed with Walter Scott 
2014                              The Drake Hotel – Video Editor for Drake TV                                           Toronto, ON
                                      Attila Richard Lukacs in Hollywood - LUFF                                             Toronto, ON
                                      Performer - Directed by Jordan Tannahil
2012 - 2014                   OCAD University - Class Assistant                                                          Toronto, ON

2010 - 2012                   Exploding Motor Car Studios - Production Assistant                            Toronto, ON 
2012                              Vtape – Technical Assistant                                                                      Toronto, ON
                                      Daniel Barrow’s Telling Stories - The Drake                                             Toronto, ON
                                      Performance Assistant
2010 - 2011                   Charles Street Video - Equipment Coordinator                                       Toronto, ON

2010                              Independent Media Arts Conference - Video Editor                                Toronto, ON
2015                              Equitable Bank - Emerging Digital Artists Award - Ad Campaign                                                                  
                                      My artwork was selected to promote the 2015 Awards Program
2016                              The Roundtable Residency                                                     Toronto, ON
                                      Studio Beat: Digital Residency                               
                                      Emerging Artist Research Residency                                   Windsor, ON
                                      Artscape Gibraltar Point                                             Toronto Islands, ON
2013                              La Baraque                                                                              Montreal, QC
2012                              SPARK Contemporary Art Space                                         Syracuse, NY
Talks and Workshops 

2017                              Home* Exhibition Panel Discussion - R \ F Gallery               Toronto, ON
                                      Art Intersections Meetup, Artist Talk - Gamma Space          Toronto, ON
                                      Organized by Akimbo, OCAD U and Charles Street Video
2016                              Artist Talk - Artcite                                                                   Windsor, ON
2015                              Curatorial Tour of 100percentreal - Xpace                             Toronto, ON
                                      GIF Making Workshop - InterAccess                                      Toronto, ON
                                      Making Space for Media Art Panel - InterAccess                  Toronto, ON
2014                              Intro to Glitch Video Workshop - InterAccess                       Toronto, ON
                                      InterAccess Mecha Kutcha (glitch art) - The Drake              Toronto, ON
2012                              How to Datamosh Workshop and Artist Talk – Xpace          Toronto, ON

Grants, Awards and Nominations
Ontario Graduate Scholarship, University of Windsor MFA in Visual Arts, Windsor, ON, 2017
University of Windsor Master's Entrance Scholarship, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, 2016
Toronto Arts Council Emerging Visual Artist Grant, Toronto, ON, 2015
Grant Recipient on behalf of Xpace: Toronto Arts Council Project Grant for Curatorial project 100percentreal, Toronto, ON, 2015

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Selected Articles and Interviews

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Published Writing
‘100percentreal,’ exhibition essay, Xpace Cultural Centre, 2015. Republished in VOLUME 7 
'Despondence,' exhibition essay, Xpace Cultural Centre, 2015. Republished in VOLUME 6  
 'Data Library,' exhibition essay, Xpace Cultural Centre, 2015. Republished in VOLUME 6  
'The Emotional Problems of Living,' exhibition essay, Xpace Cultural Centre, 2015. Republished in VOLUME 6
‘1997,’ exhibition essay, Xpace Cultural Centre, 2014. Republished in VOLUME 5 
‘Transcending Binaries,’ exhibition essay, Xpace Cultural Centre, 2014. Republished in VOLUME 5
Artist Publications   
Disinterested Today, vol. 1, zine, Montréal, 2016.  
Feast in the East Cookbook, vol. 1, 2016. 
'queer planet,' illustration, Akin Colouring Book vol. 2, 2016 
'Series #1,' CMYK screenprint, OKAY Collective, Dispatch vol. 01, 2016.
'Series #1,' video, Hyperlink 2.0, Analog Preservation Network VHS, 2015.  
'queer planet,' illustration, Paleblue Zine, 2015  
‘<3 <br> (heartbreak),’ video, ‘Making Love’ Issue of Kapsula Magazine, 2014. 
‘Glitch Series #1, Workout ’13,’ still images, Rivet 4, 2013. 
‘Miss Skeene and Miss Furr,’ illustration, Dead (g)end(er) Vol.1, 2011.