Adrienne Crossman
            Toronto, ON – 647.405.7899 –

Public Exhibitions and Screenings
Nov 2013                       Exotic Forbidden Torrents - The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale
                                       Series #3

Oct 2013                         Nuit Blanche - Magic Lantern Carlton Cinemas                                     Toronto, ON
                                      Midnight Kino (18 min. video) screened as part of Thrilling Night Cinema!!
March 2013                    The Aesthetics of Failure - Videofag                                                         Toronto, ON
                                       Series #1 
Feb - March 2013           CLGA Archives Toronto - In The Image Of                                               Toronto, ON
                                       The Boston Ladies series (Illustrations)
                                       Feast in The East                                                                                        Toronto, ON 
                                       Video Installation/Environment 

Sept – Oct 2012             Neither Here Nor There – Xpace Cultural Centre                                     Toronto, ON
                                       Group Exhibition

Sept 2012                       Hot Pot Tours with Mango Peeler – Xpace Cultural Centre                   Toronto, ON
                                        Looped videos that played throughout the OCADU Orientation Event
July 2012                        The Wandering Mercuries Film Festival - Flying Squirrel                        Rochester, NY
                                        Two Dimensional Porno (2 min, hand made animation on film) 
                                        There's Something In the Woodwork - SPARK Contemporary                Syracuse, NY
                                        Group Exhibition 
May 2012                        SHIFT -  Inclusive Design Institute Launch – OCADU                              Toronto, ON
                                        Fall To Pieces (5 min, video), Miss Skeene and Miss Furr (illustration)          
                                        OCADU Graduate Exhibition                                                                      Toronto, ON
                                                 “It’s still hard for me” thesis video Installation
October 2011                  OCAD Thesis Fundraiser - The Drake Underground                                Toronto, ON
                                        Young Grass Video Projections
June 2011                       Frameline Film Festival – The Castro                                                        San Francisco, CA
                                        L.U.G.S (15 min, video)
April 2011                        Dead (g)end(er) Launch, Niagara Artists Centre                                      St. Catharines, ON
                                        Fall To Pieces (5 min, video),
February 2011                 Reelout Film Festival – Hogtown Homos Series                                     Kingston, ON
                                         L.U.G.S (15 min, video)
November 2010               IMAGE + NATION Film Festival                                                                 Montreal, QC
                                         L.U.G.S (15 min, video)
October 2010                  Nuit Blanche - St Thomas’s Church                                                           Toronto, ON
                                         Tinder Parts I and II (two looped video projections)
September 2010             The White House - Pillars of Fire Fundraiser                                            Toronto, ON
                                        Twin Paradox (2 min, video), Antimatter (3 min, 16mm)
                                        LesGaiCineMad International Film Festival                                              Madrid, Spain 
                                        L.U.G.S (15 min, video)  
May 2010                         Inside Out Film Festival - Hogtown Homos Series                                 Toronto, ON                                       
                                         L.U.G.S (15 min, video) Premiere
                                        Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival                                   Tampa Bay, FL
                                        L.U.G.S (15 min, video)
                                        Science Rendez Vous 2010 - Harbourfront Centre                                  Toronto, ON
       Twin Paradox (2 min, video), Antimatter (3 min, 16mm),                        
       Heleshaw Experiment (6 min, video)
March 2010                     Ladyfest - Feminist Film and Video Festival, Harthouse                        Toronto, ON
                                         Nature//Technology (2 min, video)
March 2013                    The Aesthetics of Failure - An Exhibition of Glitch                                  Toronto, ON
                                       March 25 - 27th 2013 at Videofag 
Work Experience

Nov 2013 - Present Xpace Cultural Centre Toronto, ON
                                           Programming Coordinator 
Sep 2012 - Present    OCAD University - Class Assistant                                                                     Toronto, ON
                                           GART 1B06, GART 1B03, GART 1B10    
Sep 2013                    The Drake Hotel                                                                                                    Toronto, ON
                                           Sceenprinted the hotel windows for TIFF

June - Aug 2013         La Baraque Art Space                                                                                           Toronto, ON
                                           Artist in Residence
Nov 2012-Feb 2013    Snow Day Studios - Violet Sound Sessions                                                       Toronto, ON  
                                            Director of Photography, Editor, Post Production Effects 
Nov 2012                    Xpace Cultural Centre                                                                                          Toronto, ON
                                                Instructed a workshop on the technique of Datamoshing 

Nov 2012                   Harriet's House                                                                                                       Toronto, ON
                                                 Director of Photography
Sep 2012                   Daniel Barrow's Telling Stories, Nuit Blanche - The Drake 
                                                Performance Assistant 

Jun - July 2012            SPARK Contemporary Art Space                                                                        Syracuse, NY
                                                Artist in Residence, facilitated by Xpace Cultural Centre 
Jan – Apr  2012           Vtape – Technical Internship                                                                                   Toronto, ON
              Cleaned, transferred and dubbed digital and analogue tape
              Assisted with screenings and events 
Feb – Apr 2012           New Adventures In Sound Art - Internship                                                            Toronto, ON
                                              Designed the Soundbash Installation
                                              Documented and edited various performances and promotional videos
February 2012             Exploding Motor Car Studios                                                                               Toronto, ON
                                              Assistant Director – Zeus music video “Are You Gonna’ Waste My Time?”
Sep 2011- Jan 12        Exploding Motor Car Studios                                                                               Toronto, ON
                                              Recorded and Edited promotional videos for the company website
Jun 2010-Aug 2011     Charles Street Video                                                                                              Toronto, ON
                                              Equipment Coordinator
                                              Managed audio and video equipment, instructed Final Cut Pro tutorials
                                              Recorded and edited instructional videos for the equipment website
August 2010, 2011      YMCA Voices Film Festival                                                                                   Toronto, ON
                                              Editor – Instructed youth in editing their video projects for the festival
June 2011                    Exploding Motor Car Studios                                                                               Toronto, ON
                                              Production Assistant, Camera Assistant
                                              One Hundred Dollars music video “Powered Confessions”
Jan 2010-Apr 2011      Ontario College of Art and Design                                                                       Toronto, ON
                                              Integrated Media Equipment Sign out Monitor
                                              Managed audio and video equipment rentals and repairs
                                              Monitored computer labs and studios

September 2010           Exploding Motor Car Studios at Seripop Studio                                               Montreal, ON    
                                             Production Assistant, Puppeteer 
                                             AIDS Wolf music video "Catholic for Rent"                                                                       
Aug-Sept 2010             Independent Media Arts Conference                                                                  Toronto, ON
                                              Edited panel footage of the 2010 IMAA ON.Fire conference                                                                          
August 2010                 Exploding Motor Car Studios                                                                             Toronto, ON
                                               Production Assistant, Assistant Editor
                                              dd/mm/yyyy music video “I’m Still In The Wall”
2007 – 2012                  Ontario College of Art and Design University                                                 Toronto, ON
                                              BFA – Integrated Media Major
                                              Minor – Digital and Media Studies 
2006 – 2007                  Sheridan College                                                                                                Oakville, ON
                                              Diploma – Media Fundamentals