Friday, August 25, 2017

Pennants in SHOW.17 at Idea Exchange in Cambridge - Jul7 2 - Sept 2, 2017Rp

Photo Credit: Idea Exchange

Photo Credit: Idea Exchange

SHOW.17 brings together emerging artists from across Ontario whose works, processes and preoccupations are the newest and latest in the ever-changing world of contemporary art. The exhibition is exclusively dedicated to those new on the scene, and gives the necessary and well deserved voice to the most ambitious and dedicated.

Selected from an open call for submissions, the 14 artists chosen for SHOW.17 shed light on what’s happening today and what Ontario has to offer to the world of contemporary art in the coming years. It is a clear marker of the pulse on the scene, and a reflection of today in the broadest terms.

Laura Brandreth (Ancaster), Paul Chartrand (Dunnville) Nicole Clouston (Brampton), Adrienne Crossman (Windsor), Jason Deary (Toronto), Michael Drolet (Whitby), Andrew Harding (Toronto), Lauren Lavery (Guelph), Alvin Luong (Toronto), Humboldt Magnussen (Toronto), Ash Moniz (Grand Bend), Ella Morton (Toronto), Adrienne Scott (Stittsville), Aislinn Thomas (Kitchener)