Saturday, April 1, 2017

queer garden featured in Glitch exhibition in Carlisle UK

In March 2017 the Pharmacy Contemporary Art Space  located in Carlisle, UK presented GLITCH; an international exhibition of over 20 artworks exploring numerous forms, perceptions, and examples of Glitch.

Curated by Jamie F Simpson

Featured Artists:
Adelaida AE (Barcelona)
Karl Cox (Cumbria)
Adrienne Crossman (Toronto)
Jamie Diwell (Cumbria)
Calum Eccleston (Cumbria)
Cam Evans (Northern California)
Amy Ferguson (Cumbria)
Linda Fitzgerald (Cumbria)
Bex Gibbons (Cumbria)
Emily Hartness (Cumbria)
Andrew Indelicato (Richmond, Virginia)
Jess Jackson (Yorkshire)
Jamie F Simpson (Glasgow)
Cynli Sugita (Tokyo)
Jo Tomlinson (Glasgow)
Leanne Wind-Cowie (Cumbria)

My video queer garden was featured in the exhibition. More documentation can be found over on Pharmacy's website.