Friday, December 4, 2015

The Wrong / 100percentreal Feature in Studio Beat

"Toronto-based exhibition 100percentreal brings this question of online/offline awareness to the forefront of the gallery experience. 100percentreal will be showing at Xpace Cultural Centre until December 12th, but you can also view the exhibition in digital form from the comfort of your own laptop. In an essay on 100percentreal, curator Adrienne Crossman cites media theorist Nathan Jurgensen’s idea that we are now living in “an augmented reality”: that is, the divide between the virtual (the internet) and the real (everything outside your computer) has disappeared. The Wrong does an excellent job of proving this theory right, although anyone who grew up with the internet has probably already accepted it as fact. To regular users of media like Instagram and Facebook, it’s obvious that the internet is not a separate place outside of life away-from-keyboard, but rather that the internet is simply another space within our lives, another register on the school/work/home continuum. What, then, as 100percentreal seeks to examine, does this aspect of modern life mean for art? “Does art have less value when lost in an infinite Tumblr scroll?” Crossman wonders. Within this exhibition, Cat Bluemke’s Luxury International (pictured in part in this article’s featured image) does a particularly good job of trying to answer that question. But what happens to said art when, many years later, Tumblr eventually goes the way of Myspace?" -Jill Blackmore Evans

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