Sunday, November 1, 2015

There Should be Gardens at InterAccess

Earlier this Fall I was included in the exhibition There Should be Gardens, curated by Amber Christensen. The show took place at InterAccess and ran from September 2nd - 26th, and included a new video work of mine entitled Plant Series 1.

There Should Be Gardens brings together five Canadian emerging and early career new media artists whose work addresses the interconnectedness of technologies, ecologies, botanies, gender and the cosmos. The exhibition explores the materiality and affectivity of matter, blurring the focus of feminism and queer feminism between the human and non-human. Featuring Alana Bartol (Calgary), Adrienne Crossman (Toronto), Anna Eyler (Ottawa/Montreal), Kara Stone (Montreal), and Alize Zorlutuna (Toronto).

Amber was interviewed over at Abstract Ecologies about the exhibition:

Anna Eyler, Fugue in 3 Steps

Alana Bartol – Forms of Awareness

Left: Alize Zorlutuna, becoming oblique of the world | Right: Adrienne Crossman, Plant Series 1

Adrienne Crossman - Plant Series 1

photos: Yuula Benivolski