Wednesday, January 14, 2015

good bye 2014 // hello 2015

Towards the end of last year I had the opportunity to work on a number of great projects and work with a lot of great people. My schedule more of less exploded, and I got so caught up in doing that I became bad in posting, so until I have more content to provide for each of these things individually, this post is meant as an update of what I've recently done and what is on the horizon.


- Peter Rahul and I created immersive video projections for Lido Pimienta (and friends)'s live show at the Music Gallery as part of the X AVANT Festival.


- I created a video piece titled queer garden that was exhibited for a three week run at the OCADU Student Gallery as part of A Secret Garden curated by Lido Pimienta.


- <3 <br> (heartbreak) was part of That Teenage Feeling screening at Videofag, curated by Zach Pearl and part of the WADE In series in partnership with Eastern Edge Gallery in St John's. 

The Emotional Problems of Living - Tobias Williams                                  

- I curated a hour long program/series of video work for Drake TV that will be screening on the public TV monitors of the hotel for the next few months. The title of the Program is Synthetic Landscapes.

Artists included: Tobias Williams, Brianna Lowe, Sarah D'Angelo, Peter Rahul, Phillipe Blanchard, Niki Sehmbi, Adrienne Crossman, Lauren Pelc-McArthur

Synthetic Landscapes is a series of animated videos by emerging Toronto New Media artists. Ranging from stop motion claymation, glitch art, digital 3d renderings and analogue television effects, each work explores it’s own version of the artists unique created environments.

- I created and projected original visuals for the entire set of Alvvays' performance at the Opera House on December 20th.


- Long Winter Year 3 Vol. 3 : projected rainbow//pony video piece in the main stairwell. Tom Beedham interviewed me about the piece, which was published in the January edition of the Long Winter Newspaper and can be found here in full.

--------- Upcoming ---------


- SidewalkScreening.gif at Whippersnapper gallery
Feb. 5th - 15th, screening from 5pm - 2am daily 
deep .gif immersion part - feb 4th 8pm - midnight @ the drake underground

A compilation of innovative .GIF expressions from artists across the country. The exhibition will be accompanied by the Deep .GIF Immersion Dance Party at the Drake Underground. Floor to ceiling .GIFs projection mash with music to create a #freakyflow.

Artists include: Morris Fox, Neil LaPierre, Teresa Tam, Steven Cottingham, Cat Bluemke, Adrienne Crossman, Coey Kerr, Lowell Smith, Miles Forrester, Benjamin Edelberg, Colby Jones, Cale Weir, Sam Roberts, Jess Mac, Will Kasurak, Jessalyn Carey, Jeremy Pavka & Karly Mortimer.

That's all for now. I'll update when more is confirmed :)