Wednesday, August 13, 2014

heartbreak showing as part of Eastern Edge's Wade In video series in St John's

heartbreak to screen as part of Carnival Video Night at Eastern Edge Gallery
Wednesday, August 13, 2014    9-11pm

Surface Tension is the first in Eastern Edge’s Wade In video series. Wave after wave the ocean reveals itself through both flow and time. Describing video we often turn to terms which reflect the forms and motions that occur within water; depth, purity, distortion, modulation, tearing, streaming, and snow. In this series 6 curators in 5 different locations select from a shared artist pool bridging physical geographies with the flow of the digital image.

<3 <br> (heartbreak) has been curated by Zach Pearl to participate in the first of several international screenings as part of the Wade In video series.

Surface Tension Line Up
PETER WILKINS Clarkes Beach, KRISTEN THORNHILL Glitch, GRAHAM KENNEDY On Examining Overlapping Truths 1920, BENJY KEAN Orbits 1 Through 4, JOSH STUDHAM Wrecking Miley and ADRIENNE CROSSMAN Heartbreak

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