Friday, August 29, 2014

Austra - Doepfer Video

This summer I made a music video for Austra's track Doepfer off of their Habitat EP. This project was a bit of a milestone for me as Austra is one of my favourite bands and it is the first music video I have shot and edited all on my own, and co-directed with Maya Postepski. The video premiered on Thump and you can watch it below.

Made up of footage taken in Toronto and Berlin, the video for Austra’s Doepfer acts as a disruptive visual meditation on the third released track from their Habitat EP. Accompanying the percussive-heavy dark synth soundtrack, the visual landscape of the video is made up of eerie footage of dark hallways, a dead mouse, silhouetted figures and mysterious textured surfaces, including a pixelated close up of billowing tin foil. As the music intensifies so do the visuals, with an increased frequency of anamorphic glitched disruption. Shot, edited and co-directed (with drummer Maya Postepski) by Adrienne Crossman, the video for Doepfer is a glance into the distorted intricacies of the band’s increasingly experimental musical nature.

The video has been featured on Stereogum, Exclaim, Domino,  Indie 88, Silent Shout