Friday, April 25, 2014

Far Out: An Exhibition of the Weird & Bizarre in the Dorothy H. Hoover Library at OCAD U - Apr 18 to Oct 3

Series #1 will be installed in the OCAD U Library, 113 McCaul St. 2nd floor, all summer long (April 18 - Oct 3)

The OCAD U Library is proud to host Far Out, a multidisciplinary exhibition that explores unconventional and alternate realities. A diverse group of OCADU student and alumni artists present works which feature quirky or peculiar representations of people, memories or places and images or objects that may cause disbelief. We hope these works resonate in our Library, a space which aims to be an environment for questioning, investigating and challenging traditional forms of information and knowledge.

Featuring drawing, painting, collage, photography, video and sculpture works by Adrienne Crossman, Ana Jofre, Andre Kan, Emily Waknine, Lucas Johnson, Marta Chudolinska, Petar Boskovic, Sam Pedicelli, Sarah Munro, Tara Dorey, and Yan Wen Gillian Chang. 

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