Monday, September 30, 2013

Midnight Kino as part of Thrilling Night Cinema!! at Nuit Blanche

Come and stay up late with Thrilling Night Cinema!!, a group show of new video art screening this Nuit Blanche at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto.
For this project, emerging Toronto-based artists Adrienne Crossman, Benjamin Freedman, Jackson Klie, William Andrew Finlay Stewart, and Graeme Maitland and Aleks Vujosevic all created new work inspired by the phenomenon of the “Midnight Movie”, the tradition of late night exploitation and genre films dating back as far as the 1930s.

Each artist uses wildly different techniques and approaches to explore this:

Adrienne Crossman - Midnight Kino 

Crucial in inspiring the growth of the independent film movement, the phenomenon of the Midnight Movie has celebrated the voices of many who have occupied the spaces of the strange and offbeat. Midnight Kino is a meditation on The Midnight Movie. Through mash up style editing with reference to the Dadaist Cut-up technique, Midnight Kino re-works a body of cult Midnight films into a single video piece that pays homage to the subcultural phenomenon that helped shape modern day cinema.

In true Midnight Movie tradition, we'll be screening this programme of films (each 10-20 minutes long) all night long at the Carlton Cinema. So drop in from the cold, grab some popcorn, and sit back for some Thrilling Night Cinema!! on the big screen.

Thrilling Night Cinema!! presented by Magic Lantern Cinemas. For more information contact artist William Andrew Finlay Stewart at, or 416-629-9275. Images and artist bios available. Find us at
Or via twitter: @TNCNuitBlanche

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