Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Residency at La Baraque - Montréal

It's August now and Acey and I are midway through our residency at La Baraque in Montréal. So far I have been reading alot, doing research and rough sketches for upcoming projects. Acey has been busy building contact mics and experimenting with various instruments and equipment and making sound art.
Acey and Noémie jamming in the loft
First contact microphone

As for me, I have been collaborating with musicians to create visuals for live shows. The first iteration and results of our experiments will culminate  this Sunday, August 11 for the first installment of The Dôme Café at La Baraque.

The loft will be transformed into a giant blanket fort adorned with video projections. The day will include coffee, tea, tasty treats and musical performances.
Here are some preview stills from the video piece I'm working on.

Stop by if you are in the city!
For more info check the Facebook event: