Monday, April 30, 2012

"It's still hard for me"


Thesis Work - Mixed Media Video Installation

“It’s still hard for me”

“It’s still hard for me” explores the complex and continuous dialogue that takes place in negotiating the roles of the queer individual within family constructs. The work deconstructs the heteronormative nuclear family as symbolic of the “status quo”, and interrogates the notion of neutrality due to dominance.  

As a personal work, the piece acts as a process of investigation into how my identity as a lesbian and artist fits into the “normative” family that I grew up with. Through use of personal family portraits taken throughout my childhood and adolescence, a video portrait of the queer family I’ve created with my partner, and a recorded interview between my father and I, the work spans both a generation gap and a familial disconnect concerning understandings of sexual identity. 

Thank you to Acey Rowe for the participation and support through this project.

May 2012                                   OCADU Graduate Exhibiton                                   Toronto, ON