Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feast in The East February 2nd

FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music, food & installation series.

This month features a pan-asian dinner by Brandon Lim.

Toronto sludge psych punk trio, fresh of the release of a split with Hussy, get ready to rip it. The dissonant force of blasting drums & shredding guitar molestation churns itself into a desolating slow sludge rocker. Guitar chords bubbling off into psych wonderland over a crushing rhythm section. Lost airy vocals drifts over sections of shoegaze-esque drone/fuzzscapes. Truncating the learnings of shoegaze & post rock with ferocity of punk, this shit rules, especially live.

Toronto post-punk quartet featuring members of The Creeping Nobodies, rolls along like nobody's business. A duet of talk/sing vocals walk on top of dissonant guitar chords building in intensity, creating ever changing sound structures. Organ tones hum underneath shaking percussion. Erie songs that float around you, encompassing your every move in thick airy layers of guitar notes and drum beats.

Everyone's favourite weirdo-punks keeps it real. Spazz punk for the modern scumbag. Lightning fast speed, thrashed guitar cords, screeched out bleeps & bloops gloop out of circuit bent toys & electronics. Danielle's vocals yelps & spasms rupture in a choatic volcano of pure hecticity. This show will see electronic gurgler Matt Davey preform on a table top for the first time. Expect sonic destruction instead of gear destruction! Kool!

Raw curdling screams distort over thrashing percussion, deep bass and tight angular guitar chords laden with dissonance. Toronto post hardcore unit creates dark haunting caustic songs. Full of angry desperation with heavy pounding movements and riffs like hard jabs John Smith prods forward. Come early to check this abrasive destruction unit.

Environs by Adrienne Crossman (

All Ages!

$7 Adv at Circus Books & Music, The Film Buff, Soundscapes and Grasshopper Records.
$10 at the door

FREE dinner with adv. ticket!

Facebook event here