Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow Day Studios

The past few weeks I've been busy working as the DOP and soon to be one of a team of animators and visual effects for Snow Day Studios the Violet Sound Sessions.

"Named for Kandinsky’s 18th century experimental colour-tone operas that explored synesthesia through a blending of art and media, The Violet Sound Sessions are a mergence of live performance, recorded music, music video, and interactive visualization.

Four bands play a series of secret sessions that are filmed and recorded live-off-the-floor at 3030 in The Junction. One song from each session results in a video that merges high-fidelity recording with the integrity of a live performance. Where this is usually the extent of most sessions, The Violet Sound Sessions offer an additional something special: creative post-production video effects that literally visualize the energy of the music in reaction to the live footage." (Acey Rowe)

The bands we've shot so far include Julie Doiron, Great Bloomers and The Folk. One session remains and will be recorded this upcoming Monday, December 17th.  The events are guest list only so if you're interested in attending (which I suggest you do) you can send them a tweet once the band has been announced @SnowDayStudios.

Videos will be released early 2013, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out some photos from the sessions we've recorded so far. 
Photography courtesy of Liz Gareri

    Julie Doiron

    Great Bloomers

    The Folk