Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Datamosh Workshop at Xpace this Saturday (1-4 pm)

I will be teaching a workshop about Datamoshing this Saturday, November 17th from 1-4pm and Xpace.

Here's the info:

Datamoshing, also know as Compression Artifacting, is a video editing technique that falls under the category of Glitch Art. The process involves the creation of intentional glitches that blur the borders between video frames, causing images to bleed into each other rather than having one cut cleanly to another.

The workshop will include:
- a brief history of the technique
- the software necessary to mosh
- where to source video material and what kinds of material are best to work with
- various experimental techniques
- methods of outputting the files

Participants will need:
A laptop, or to share a laptop with a friend.
To go to this link:
and download this zip folder:

These programs work specifically with Macs and the workshop will be taught on Mac software only. We suggest installing and testing the programs to make sure they run on your laptops first. If not, the workshop will cover how to modify them so they will work with the newer Mac OS.

It's encouraged that you bring footage to work with (although some footage will be supplied). We will also go over the kind of video images that yield the best results. Datamoshing is a trial and error process so most importantly bring your patience and creativity!

Workshop is FREE. Space is limited, so REMEMBER to RSVP your spot email

You can check out the Facebook event here.