Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Hapenings

Autumn has been a busy season so far for arting and creative endeavours. It has thus far included: screen printing the Drake, datamoshing with Mango Peeler and Exploding Motor Car, exhibiting at Xpace and performing at Nuit Blanche.

During the first week of September right before the opening of TIFF I headed to The Drake Hotel one early morning and, with a couple of other printers, screen printed old film stills on all the glass surfaces (windows, doors, mirrors) around the hotel. The prints were up for the duration of the festival.

As mentioned earlier, I also did some datamoshing for OCADU orientation at Xpace with Jeff Garcia (Mango Peeler) and Brett Long from Exploding Motor Car. Jeff and Brett did a Hot Pot Tour in the downtown area surrounding OCAD and Xpace. They then brought the new students to the gallery where they did a cooking demo and held a dance party. There were skewers with dumplings sticking out of the walls and a performance by local artist Man Made Hill.

The videos I created looped continuously on either side of the gallery for the duration of the evening. You can see stills of the datamoshed videos here.

Documentation of the Nuit Blanche Performance and of Neither Here Nor There to follow shortly.