Monday, September 10, 2012

Neither Here Nor There

I have an opening coming up this Friday September 14th at Xpace Cultural Centre located at 58 Ossington Ave. The opening takes place from 7-11pm that night and the show, Neither Here Nor There, runs in the main space until October 6th.

Based around a residency in Syracuse, NY at SPARK Contemporary, Adrienne Crossman and Ursula Handleigh created work responding to their surroundings. Neither Here Nor There explores themes of isolation, disorientation, interpretation and nostalgia. Deterioration created by countless abandoned homes and businesses; the landscape of the present, contrasts sharply with signs of the city’s former prosperity. As observers in a foreign yet uncannily familiar landscape, seemingly insignificant details – meticulously hand painted wood grain, an anomalous conch shell, boarded up windows – became emblematic of how the artists related to their surroundings.

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