Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 9

I've officially been in Syracuse for just over a week. That means I'm one third of the way done my journey here, but there is still much to get done. This past week I hiked for an hour and a half midday in the sun, in a generally uphill direction, to acquire a bike. We've been told by friends and Syracuse natives alike that the city is far easier to navigate on bike. Everything is spread out here and it's not built for walking. the ride home was much shorter and more enjoyable than the trek there, although equally rewarding. and I got this baby out of it:

On my bike ride home I saw these great big willow trees and stopped to take some pictures:

Then I stopped in Westcott where I went to Recess Coffee, my new favourite café here, and read for a couple of hours. I really like this area. It seems to be the young hip arts oriented area of the city.

Note the advertisement for a 10 hour reading of ULYSSES put on by The Syracuse James Joyce Club.

Ursula has been spending some more time at SPARK and I've been hammering out concepts and ideas as well as doing some drawings and preliminary experiments with Lino cutting. I think I'll end up doing a series of Lino prints in addition to some photography and video work. We were originally discussing making a screen printing studio but it is proving to be slightly more complicated and expensive than originally thought.

First Lino Cut:

Yesterday we biked to a large hardware store in order to buy a wood graining tool. Basically it allows you to create a convincing faux wood grain finish. On the way there I was biking downhill and my front wheel got caught in a large sewer grate. It shredded my tire and I fell forward off the bike. Fortunately I wasn't hurt but my tire is now flat so I have to take it in this week to get repaired. Fortunately, there's a great bike shop here called Mello Velo.

As far as today goes I've spent it reading, listening to pod casts and sketching out ideas and plans for the week.We're planning on having a show here at SPARK in two weeks on Saturday, July 7th.