Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zeus - Are You Gonna' Waste My Time?

February 2012 

Assistant Director


Media: Premiered on the New York Times Online (with interview)
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Production Company: Exploding Motor Car (

Directed By: Brett Long and Winston Hacking
Editor: Brett Long
Produced By: Winston Hacking
DP: Ian Carleton
1st AC: Ash Xavier
Lead Puppeteers: Brett Long, Jon McCurley, Martin Macpherson, James Long
Additional Puppeteering: Adrienne Crossman, Winston Hacking
Wardrobe: Airin McGuinty
Puppet Fabrication: Winston Hacking, Airin McGuinty, Kevin Hutchinson
and Monique Knisely
Art Director+Production Designer: Winston Hacking
Prop Builders: Winston Hacking and Brett Long
Assistant Director: Adrienne Crossman
Craft Services: James Long
Film Processing: Niagara Custom Lab
Film Transfer: Frame Discreet

STARRING: Abbey, Russell, Kevin, Emma, Martin, Rusty, Lupita, Yammy,
Cooper, Clyde, Billy, Balou, Charlie, Kingsley, Wizard, Ray, Lucy,
Dema, Parker

Arts and Crafts
Kieran Roy
Zeus: Mike O'Brien, Neil Quin, Carlin Nicholson, Rob Drake
Yukiko Hara