Friday, June 24, 2011

One Hundred Dollars - Powdered Confessions

June 2011

Production Assistant


Directed By: Exploding Motor Car
Concept By: Simone Schmidt
Produced By: Winston Hacking
Camera: Brett Long, Winston Hacking, Adrienne Crossman
Editing: Brett Long and Winston Hacking
Art Direction: Jeff Garcia
Op Art: Andrew Zukerman
Crowd Management : Ilse Kramer
Dancers: Julia Male, Rebecca Smith, Patrick Salvani, Ali Humza Naqvi
DJ's: Paul Vernon, John Caffery
Makeup and Morale: Lindsy Leeper, Brette Gabel,Amy Siegel
Production Assistance: Adrienne Crossman
Colour Correction: Lillian Hillerup
Processing: Niagara Custom Lab
Film Transfer: Frame Discreet
Set Photographer: Geoff Fitzgerald

Special Thanks:

One Hundred Dollars
Marcel DaCosta
Tasia Alexopoulos
Double Double Land
Jon McCurly
Geoff Fitzgerald